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Hear what some of the families I help had to say about what I do.

"I have used Christy's Pet Care for 15 years and she's taken great care of my babies."

-Tracey V.

"I have been relying on Christy with Christy's Pet Care for 6 years and I'm very happy with her. She is very responsible, trustworthy, and diligent in her care with the animals. All my kitties all 11 of them love her MADLY."
- Michelle L.

"Christy is like a godmother to my dogs.  I trust their lives in her hands.  She is always ready to take care of them when I cannot and she reminds me to fill their water bowls when she visits me.   Also she does occasionally bring them treats (and lots of love when she's here) . She's good at what she does because she cares about our pooches. Cheers" - Leslie R.

"Dear Christy, Thank you for all your help. I appreciate your concern about always calling & being on time. The dogs say woof-woof-thank you for taking care of us. When our Mommy & Daddy are gone. All our love, Toni, Steve, Sammi, White Sox, and Havi." - The Parker Family

"We have been using Christy's Pet Care services for the last 6 years she has been reliable and cares about "the kids" and we plan to continue to use her." David H. & Rosalyn K.

"Christy, Thanks so much I appreciate your caring, professionalism, and dedication! See you again. Best wishes" - Nancy, "Pavi", "Swatie", "Hedy", and "Ginger"

"Christy, I have next week off from work; so as far as I know I won't need you to walk Cindy next week. You would start again on Monday, 10-15. If my schedule changes, and I need you a day or two next week I'll call you. Thanks for all your terrific work-you're great!!" - Michael H.

"Thanks, Christy, I'm happy to know that Dale was in good hands while I was gone. Please feel free to add me to your list of "recommenders". Shannon

"I have known Christy and have relied on her to tend to my dog that recently passed away.  We had our dog for 14 years and whether we were away for the weekend or up to a 17 day period we always knew that Shadow was well fed and exercised.  We would not hesitate to use her services again.   She had a key to our home and we knew that she was a trusted -person in our home as well as a caregiver to Shadow."- Anita W.

"Christy has been the only pet sitter our beloved Aussie has known.  Christy ranks high up on the list of Miss Lily's favorite people.  She is reliable and has a real sense of what dogs want and need." - Martha S., Sherman Oaks

"Christy has been taking care of my cats since 2004.  My previous cat Arnold was diabetic and Christy was great at giving him his insulin shots twice daily whenever I was away. She is very reliable, trustworthy and thorough.  Arnold actually didn’t like other pet sitters but he really liked Christy!   I’ve had a different cat for the past few years and Christy continues to be a great help to me when I travel! I’d definitely recommend her to anyone with a pet. " - Cathleen C.

"Over the years, Christy has stayed with my dog repeatedly and I found her to be very trustworthy, reliable and caring. Best Regards." - Elke H.

" I have used Christy's services on a number of occasions and have been extremely happy with her.  She is professional, dependable, through, loving and wonderful with animals.  I knew every time that my babies were in good hands!  I would recommend her highly." - Sincerely, Lisa B.

"Christy has been taking care of my cat for many years.  She is very reliable, and I highly recommend her services." - Norma G.

"Christy always takes great care of my cat and I never have to worry." - Lou V.

"I have been very pleased with Christy’s ability to care for my two pups which have very different needs. My little girl – a four year old Yorkie, needs a great deal of loving attention. My big boy, a two year old American Staffordshire Terrier, , needs to know that he is going to get the play time he craves. Christy has been very responsive to each of their needs. This is a skill that I have greatly appreciated when I have left them in her overnight care. I look to Christy first whenever I need to be away from my home. I have complete confidence that my pups will be well cared for in a way that is responsive to each of their specific needs. Thank you Christy for keeping my babies happy while I have been gone!" - Karen Z.

"The couple times that I went on vacation, my dearly departed Bambi(Terrier mix), was taken care of by Christy of Christy's Pet Care. Bambi required a special diet and 2 short walks a day, and Christy cared for her as if she was her own pet. She is thorough, caring, and very professional in her approach to pet sitting. I would highly recommend her services to anyone that does not want to worry about their pets well-being while they are away from home." - S. Firestone - Encino, CA

"Thank you for taking such good care of my babies!  The trip was great but it was soooo cold up there!"- Liz Z.

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