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“An Alternative in Pet Care” OR “An Alternative to Kennels for your Pets” by Christy Klein 1/18/1999 

When people go away for the weekends, or go on vacations they are often forced to leave their furry friends in kennel facilities.  I am a private individual who offers an alternative to kennels or boarding for your pets.  I go to a person’s home and take care of their animals while the family is away.  Through my experiences in dealing with my clients I have discovered that many people who go to kennels are very unhappy with the services provided there for the following reasons:


1)     Kennels are expensive.

2)     There have been cases where animals are mistreated or harmed.

3)     Kennels can’t work one on one with your pets.

4)     A lot of pet owners experience the trauma of taking their pet to a kennel.

5)     Some pets have a difficult time adjusting to a kennel’s environment. 

6)     Kennels lock up their animals up in cages rather than allow the animals to be “free” to explore.

7)     Animals who are brought to a kennel may have a hard time getting along with the other animals.

8)     Animals who are unfamiliar with each other may not know how to interact together at the kennel.

9)  Animals in a kennel may pick up diseases from each other

Individuals who prefer to go with a private person, such as myself, have a very different perspective on pet care for the following reasons:


(1)  They know that their pet(s) have an easier time adjusting to their owner’s being away because the pet is in it’s own environmental surroundings.

(2)  The owner feels more comfortable to leave their pet while they are away.

(3) I offer reasonable rates and am willing to negotiate my fees.  The reason why I am so flexible is because I am an animal lover. I am more interested in the welfare of the animal than making a quick buck!


With my service I go to the client and meet with them to discuss exactly what the pet sitting job entails including feeding instructions, exercise, and any special medication which may have to be administered to the pet.  In addition, I make a portfolio, collecting all emergency phone numbers, veterinary information, and any other special instructions that may be needed.


In conclusion, kennels are not the way to go if you care about your pets’ welfare.  Rather, it is far superior to go with a private individual who can offer your pet the attention and  care which it needs.


Any comments or questions should be addressed to Christy Klein / "Christy’s Pet Care" Cell: 818-422-1349.  I offer services to the following areas including: San Fernando Valley (both East & West), West Hollywood, Santa Monica, The West Side, and Beverly Hills.

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